Sound Control 2.2.0 Feature Requests

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    André Griffin

    First off, amazing work getting the multi-out devices working again on 2.x. 

    It would be nice to have the option for the On Screen Display when adjusting volume to be disabled, or perhaps look more like the native macOS display. The macbook icon with osx aqua wallpaper makes changing the volume feel like stepping into a time machine...

    Thanks again.

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    As I already send a feature request email to you a while ago. It would be great if Sound Control's built-in EQ to have an amplifier option to compensate the audio clipping feature.

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    David Lauria

    I'm really happy with the improvements in Sound Control! My request (might be a pipe dream) would be to add support for Windows apps running under Wine.

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    I'm going to look into Wine. How are you using Wine? I see several different methods for doing this.

    Crossover? Wine Bottler?

    Please provide a link to what you use.


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    I have this working using the standard install of Wine from

    As you can see I have 2 windows apps running under Wine. You are able to address them independently like any other app. I would like to show the appropriate icon, but it's turning out to be a PITA. The Finder can show them, but as far as I can tell there's no way for me to get those icons without parsing the icons out of the .exe myself, which I don't want to do. I also can't include any GPL open source icon parsers so, I'm somewhat limited.

    Anyway, the functionality will be there in the next update to Sound Control.

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    I came up with a solution for wine app icons. It isn't perfect, but it will have to do for now.

    If you install icotools, specifically wrestool on your Mac, Sound Control will use it to get the icon. The easiest way to install icotools is to use homebrew.

    I'm not going to provide instructions for this as we're entering advanced user territory and I don't want to be responsible for any issues.

    Once icotools are installed wine apps (at least 32-bit ones) will get icons. 1by1 and AIMP are running in wine.

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    Working on expanding hotkey support. Are there any additional hotkeys that you would find useful? Please only suggest hotkeys that are audio related. We won't be growing this into a complete hotkey manager.

    Currently Sound Control has the following hotkeys:

    • Increase Master Volume
    • Decrease Master Volume
    • Mute Master Volume

    Frontmost app:

    • Increase Volume
    • Decrease Volume
    • Toggle Mute
    • Mute Background Apps
    • Toggle EQ
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    David Lauria

    Can't wait to try the Wine support, thanks! FWIW, I used the Homebrew installation method, outlined here: For some reason, I've always had incompatibility problems, otherwise.

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    Roy Liu

    Is there any plan to include sound effects to Sound Control in future release .. Sound effects like 3D & Ambience ?

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    Include the ability to use VST plugins on the master output.

    The API Gain structure is to die for.

    I used to own the api 2500 bus compressor and often used it to catch the peaks.

    It is a pretty good way to prevent clipping, but with vst the options are limitless.

    or use any eq of their choice to tune their speakers.

    or Tube or tape emulators to color tracks to their liking.

    Each plugin you if trying to embed would require licensing,

    but bypass all of that and offer VST;

    have the user deal with all that.

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    Great product, found it very useful for my external devices & thunderbolt docks.

    One request - are you looking to add mic control & hotkey support to mute/unmute as well? Would be very useful for facetime/skype etc. 



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    Here's what is coming for far for the next update to Sound Control, which will probably be called 2.2.0. 

    • Now handles incremental volume changes with the keyboard.
    • Added incremental volume change hotkeys.
    • Added hotkeys for switching to the next and previous output device.
    • Added hotkey for muting the default input device. (Currently, the device must support mute. Future update may expand this to all input devices.)
    • Added Touch Bar support for Macs that have one.

    I'm excited to get Touch Bar support out in the wild. It's pretty slick.

    Of course there are other minor enhancements and bug fixes as well.

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    Hello and thanks for the great software.  Just a quick note that I spent a fair amount of time trying to get various EQ solutions configured to work with my Dragonfly DAC on my mac to no avail.  I quite literally stumbled across your product (someone recommended using Sound Siphon to pipe audio to AU Lab which didn't work and led me to your site) and am very impressed.  Sound Control works perfectly and has more features than any of the other solutions I tried.

    In any case, on to the feature request.  I'd like to see the "Toggle EQ" hotkey expanded to allow setting hot keys for specific EQ presets.  I've setup a few EQ presets for different music and it'd be really nice to be able to quickly switch to a different preset when the music changes.

    EDIT: I forgot one other enhancement I was thinking about.  It would be great if existing EQ presets could be updated rather than having to create a new one and delete the old one.

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    Deng Jason

    1.Hotkey will become invalid every time  shutdown or reboot ,please fix it。----ver 2.1.6 


    2.Please add “Export user Presets ..."  to the EQ  option if possible ,there only got import ...

    3.Suggestion:hotkey for quick switch EQ Presets (user) and Output device 


    thanks !

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    Beta version is expired! Please fix it!

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    James Franchino

    Hi, love this app! I'd love to have the ability for my settings to stay in place after an update. I get everything just how I want it and then after an update I have to do it all again.



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    It would be really awesome if we could see a small notification that we have muted or unmuted the microphone! I hope you can perhaps implement this in a future release.



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    Alexander Myltsev

    Would be nice to have updates without the system restart.

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    I came in here to +1 Alexander's comment above. I've always been annoyed by needing to restart after updating Sound Control as it's the only thing on my Mac that requires me to do so (aside from, say, OS updates).

    In fact, today I tested out RogueAmoeba's Loopback to see if I could recreate volume control over my HDMI monitor (the main reason I use Sound Control). I was surprised to discover that, while it too required installing a helper to redirect audio (similar to how Sound Control installs SoundSiphon), neither installing nor uninstalling this helper required me to restart my machine.

    Which begs the question: what is it about installing, updating, and uninstalling Sound Control that requires the restart? If other apps can do it, surely it's not an OS-level limitation?

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    They both do basically the same thing during installation, which is to unload and reload coreaudiod (the OS audio process). The reason that we are requiring a restart is we have seen a few apps crash when this happens which could lead to data loss.

    We're thinking about making the restart optional, but it will be a few updates from now.

    Thanks for the feedback.


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    It seems can't control music level on FaceTime app, please add this feature, very useful for many!!!

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